Want to symbolize a new beginning or chapter in your life with a tattoo? You can go with a direct approach by simply getting an inspiring quote tattooed on your body. You can also go with cherry blossoms or a butterfly coming out of a cocoon if you want to symbolize a fresh start. But if you want something majestic, look no further than a phoenix tattoo.

A phoenix is a mythological bird typically associated with fire and the sun. Basically, a phoenix is an immortal bird. Upon taking its last breath, it will burst into flames. And from its ashes, a new baby phoenix will arise. If you saw the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then you can easily picture this magical event.



phoenix-chest-tattoo-guy-chest-tattoos phoenix-chest-tattoo-guy-chest-tattoos-forearm

Though the phoenix is usually tied to Greek mythology, several countries have different versions of it. The traditional phoenix symbolizes rebirth, making it a perfect tattoo design for those who have survived tough times in life. It can also act as a symbol to mark a fresh start in life such as changing careers or letting go of bad habits or moving to a new location.


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In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is called the “Fenghuang.” This version symbolizes virtue, grace, and prosperity. It is also used to mark the beginning of a new era. In Japanese mythology, the phoenix is called the “Hou-ou” and also symbolizes a new era. Additionally, it represents justice, fidelity, and obedience. Different mythologies also paint the phoenix in different looks, with the Fenghuang arguably the most colorful.


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There are certain tattoo designs that look best in colored form. The phoenix is one of them. You can still opt for a black-and-gray phoenix if you don’t like colored tattoos. But don’t blame friends if they mistake it for a peacock or some kind of exotic bird at first glance due to the unusual-looking tail. If you still prefer black-and-gray, we suggest complementing it with flames to immediately tell everyone that it’s a phoenix.


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Best Colored Phoenix Tattoos


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A colored phoenix tattoo typically has red, orange, and yellow as the dominant colors. If you really want a glorious-looking phoenix tattoo, then go for a large piece. You can have it on the back, on the ribs, or on the legs. You can also have it sprawling on the chest, with the wings extending all the way to the shoulders. The most complicated area of a phoenix tattoo is the long and elaborate tail. Or tails, to be more specific, as phoenixes are typically depicted with multiple fancy tails.


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Be prepared to fork over a hefty amount of money for a phoenix tattoo, however. It’s a very detailed tattoo design that needs a lot of labor from the tattoo artist. But all the pain and money will be worth it once you see the final product. It is one of those designs that you will never have any regrets with.




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To give you a better look at phoenix tattoos, we compiled some of the best ones on the internet. You will immediately notice that no two designs are exactly alike. The phoenix is just a fictional creature, so there’s no basis on what it should really look like.

tattoo Classic-Flaming-Phoenix-Tattoo-On-Left-Upper-Arm-By-Mark-Stewart half sleeve phoenix tattoo inspiration Flaming-Phoenix-Tattoo-Graphic-1

Flaming-With-Orange-Ink-Phoenix-Tattoo-Design great-tribal-tattoo colored-flying-phoenix-back-tattoo cool-blue-chest-phoenix-tattoo-men Cool-Fire-Phoenix-Back-Tattoo-on-Guy

Dragon-Tattoos-Back Egyptian Phoenix Tattoo flame-phoenix flaming tattos

Flaming-Japanese-Phoenix-Tattoo-On-Man-Left-Half-Sleeve Japanese-Phoenix-Tattoo-Design- japanese-phoenix-tattoo-menstattooideas japanese-phoenix-tattoo-on-chest

japanese-tattoo-phoenix-on-shoulder manly-mens-phoenix-tattoo-on-arm original-flaming-phoenix-tattoo-for-boys phoenix

pheonix tattoo pheonix-tattoo-for-men-arm-phoenix-tattoo-arm

-asian-tattoo-sleeve-phoenix-tattoo-sleeve arm-flames-phoenix-bird-tattoo-for-men Amazing-Tribal-Phoenix-Tattoo-On-Right-Shoulder-by-acrosc

amazing-phoenix-tattoo-on-back awesome phoenix-tattoo-sleeve-phoenix-tattoos


Best Phoenix Tattoos Designs

back tattoo design back tattoo back-guys-phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes-tattoo

chest tattoo burning phoenix-tattoo-sleeve-phoenix-tattoos colored

burning-phoenix-bird-tattoos-phoenix-tattoo-design Black-Phoenix-Tattoo-for-Men


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Top Phoenix Mythological Tattoos

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